Nomination for Best Debut Author

Yay!  I have been nominated for the “Best New Author for 2014 in the M/M genre!”

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Unencumbered Love

After falling in love with his best friend and crossing the dangerous boundaries into a sexual relationship, Clay DeVero, a wealthy heir, finds himself at a precipice when he realizes that his fairytale dreams would likely never come to fruition, or at least not with his best friend, Kyle Turner.  Clay had been raised a strong willed and compassionate person who was allowed to express himself; however, Kyle’s vision of the future was quite different and didn’t include a gay lifestyle.  Sheltered Clay began to second guess whether or not anyone could.  Clay is left devastated until Jason McClain, the jock next door, sweeps in to help Clay mend his broken heart and dreams after Kyle meets and falls head over heels with Coraline.

Just as Clay begins to find hope in his future and discovered a niche volunteering at a local GLBT shelter, tragedy strikes on a stormy, freezing December night, resulting in a mesh of uncovered feelings from all ends.  But, could Jason save him this time, or would he be too late?  Would Jason’s education and experience at the F.B.I. be enough to save Clay, and thus himself?  Bad things can and often do happen when the wrong one loves you right, but with the right mix of love and valor, a true love story can exist.

Inspirational Read – A must for novella lovers, and of gay men…Like the Taste of Summer…

Okay, so I wasn’t going to use this blog for this purpose, but I’ve absolutely decided I must reconsider, as I have read such an inspirational novella today in my spare time.  I must say, it’s one of the best I’ve read in a long time.  Author Kaje Harper has touched on several of the most sensitive aspects of being  gay:  realization and the moments that follow, meeting your first love, building the relationship, the hardships and scrutiny in small town America, overcoming those challenges, and forcing outside influences out of your mind and life to make it last.

I have fallen in love with Like the Taste of Summer.  In the hour it took me to read and embellish every word, I could have been doing many other things, but the fact is – I am so glad I didn’t.  I come from a small town in America, where everyone knows me and I know them, so when this story outlined those subtleties in which succumb small town farming communities, I was hooked, and waited for the story to unfold.  Harper’s writing is so eloquent, yet comprehensible; you fall in love with the characters easily, and get to know them quickly.  I absolutely recommend this novella, if the genre fits – and I must say – it is written tastefully.  Please, check it out!

Character Profiles

Clayton (Clay) DeVero.  Male.  Age: 20.  Brown hair and eyes.  Clay is a wealthy young gay man who is handsome, intelligent, witty, quirky, and extremely passionate.  Clay is fashion forward, driven by desires, and motivated through love.

Kyle Turner.  Male.  Age:  20.  Dark hair and emerald green eyes.  Kyle is Clay’s BFF, and object of Clay’s affection.  Kyle is intelligent, handsome, middle-class, soccer player, and straight – however, gay for Clay.  Kyle is confident and sure of his life’s goals and desires, much to Clay’s dismay that they don’t include him in his bed.

Jason McClain.  Male.  Age:  21.  Sandy blonde and blue eyes.  Jason is confident, sexy, gorgeous, intelligent, romantic, and Clay’s confidant turned lover/boyfriend.  Jason is completely in love with Clay.

Coraline.   Female.  Age:  19.  Dark hair and eyes.  Pale and beautiful.  Coraline is lovely and flirtatious.  (Any more character details and I will have spoiled the plot).

Leo.  Male.  Age:  20.  Red hair and brown eyes.  Leo is a bully who is overbearing and annoying.  (Any more character details and I will have spoiled the plot).